Lawrence Food Fest Recipe Contest Entry
Please enter the student recipe contest with volunteer student and celebrity judges! Help your child(ren) compete for great prizes, sharing their favorite savory, vegetable-based dishes. The festival crowd will vote to determine the winners. In keeping with the Better Together theme, please feel free to share dishes that touch on togetherness or show off a cultural, ethnic, local or regional identity you admire or identify with, if you are so inspired.

Notes: 1) Dishes should be savory and vegetable-based; 2) Try to bring approximately 50 servings or bites. The more servings, the more exposure and votes you can receive; 3) Please mark your dish with the ingredients, to make it easy for tasters with allergies or sensitivities to avoid if necessary; 4) Please plan to serve your entry or sign up for a volunteer server.

Great foodie prizes from local food merchants will be awarded to winners on site at the Food Fest once votes are tallied!

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