Marietta College Honor Band and Honor Choir Nomination Form - 2022
Your students are invited to participate in this year's Marietta College Honor Band and Choir to take place in beautiful Marietta, Ohio. The new dates for this event are April 8th through 10th. The ensembles will be made up of some of the best high school performers in the surrounding area, and is open to any director-nominated high school musician, regardless of region or state. We invite you to nominate your best student musicians to be part of this amazing opportunity. We ask that the students selected demonstrate good intonation, tonal recall (for singers), learning aptitude, sight reading ability, and overall dedication to musicianship. Students should be those that you foresee being on task and focused even if not fully supervised. The cost per student is $70. This will cover their hotel stay, meals, t-shirts, music, clinicians, etc. (a $40 commuter option is also available). If you have students with financial difficulties that want to participate, and your department budget is not able to cover them, please reach out to us about possible scholarship opportunities: Dr. Andy Francis


All nominated students from each school will be ranked by the director in order from highest to lowest recommendation – every effort will be made to accept nominations from each school depending on instrumentation and vocal needs of the ensemble.

All director nominations are due No later Friday, March 4th.
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If you have any questions about any part of this process, or about the event itself, please feel free to reach out to the following people: Dr. Andy Francis (Music Department Chair):, Dr. Nils Landsberg (MC Honor Band Director):, Dr. Jay Dougherty (MC Honor Choir Director):
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