EastBay Badminton Training
Elite/Competition: 4 Days/Week @ $475/Month
Youth Beginner: 1 Day/Week @ $210/Month
Youth Intermediate: 2 Days/Week @ $290/Month
High School: 1 Day @ $210/Month
Adult [Group]: 1 Day @ $45 Member/$50 Non-Member
Kids [Under 9]: 1 Day/Week @ $150/Month, 2 Days/Week @ $250/Month, 3 Days/Week @ $350/Month
Private Lesson : $90/Hour
Semi-Private Lesson: $55/Hour/Person
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I understand that payment needs to be paid in full in person or via phone no later than 3 days prior to the registered session start date. EBA will contact me within 24 hours to confirm my registration. I agree with the rules: No make-up lesson. Not transferable. No refund after the first class. Badminton shoes only. Bring my own equipment. Equipment rental is available. Coaches may vary. * *
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