Fine Arts Workshop 2019 Registration Form
Pre- register for the Fine Arts Conference using the form below.
Registration Fee:
Member’s Fee:
• Ages: 4-12 $10.00
• Ages: 13-17 $10.00
• Ages: 18-Up $10.00
$5.00 off if more than one sibling is registering!
Non-member’s Fee:
• Ages 4-12: $10.00
• Ages 13-17: $10.00
• Ages 18-Up: $10.00
$5.00 off if more than one sibling is registering!

Special Consideration:
A $5.00 discount is given to 2nd, 3rd, etc.
sibling(s) of the same household.
Non-Member Example:
1st Sibling (age 19): $10.00
2nd Sibling (age 15): $5.00
3rd Sibling (age 11): $5.00
Member Example:
1st Sibling (age 21): $10.00
2nd Sibling (age 16): $5.00
3rd Sibling (age 10): $5.00
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Due on or before Sept. 15, 2019
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