>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DEADLINE: April 20th at MIDNIGHT PST <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Please read the INFO & REQUIREMENTS before submitting: http://renosculpturefest.com/calltoartists/

Name of Sculpture: *
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Name of Artist or Art Collective: *
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Tell us about your Sculpture! *
Keep it short and sweet but we want to hear all about your amazing art!
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Website, Video Link or other links to Media: *
IN SUPPORT: please email us at least 3 images to art@renosculpturefest.com with SUBJECT: Sculpture Name
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Contact Information: *
Email & Phone, please.
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Where is the Sculpture currently living/stored? *
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Do you plan on exhibiting a NEW or an EXISTING Sculpture? *
Tell us a little bit about the timeline of when the new Sculpture will be ready for exhibition, or if additional upgrades or changes need to be made to an existing Sculpture.
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What grant funding are you seeking from Reno Sculpture Fest? *
Or what other goals/opportunities do you see benefiting from exhibiting at Reno Sculpture Fest?
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Reno Sculpture Fest is funded by generous support from sponsors and grants, of which business logos and names may appear in conjunction with your Sculpture. Is there any limitations that you have with this? *
Are you interested in the Sculpture to remain on extended exhibition in the Reno area? *
If so, are there any limitations or special conditions that need to be considered?
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Here is a list of specifications that we need from your art piece. Please fill out the information that will assist in providing onsite support, determine the size and scope of your sculpture and how it can best fit into the festival and the City of Reno.
Footprint Dimensions: *
Please provide the >>> Width in Feet / Length in Feet <<< the is needed for exhibition.
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Engineering: *
Has the piece been engineered and can you provide us with the letter?
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Stability and Ground Anchors: *
Please describe how the Sculpture is secured/stabilized to the ground at the event site, and if any ground specifications are needed (grass, concrete, dirt, etc)
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Weight: *
What is the approx weight of the Sculpture? NOTE: If the weight is above 125lb/sqft, the Sculpture will be exhibited on Virginia Street due to the weight limitations of the ReTRAC pad.
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Power Requirements: *
Does your Sculpture require power for lighting or other operations? If so, please describe what you are powering, and how much power you require (ex: 5amps = >500watt, 120V; 10amps = >1000watts, 120V; etc)
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Can you supply your own lighting and power cords?
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Sculpture Exhibition Specifications:
Please help us understand if any special needs during the exhibition weekend.
Does your Sculpture contain flames, tools, lighting effects or noise considerations? *
Cool!! > Please describe.
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Does your Sculpture contain interactive parts, that engage climbing, swinging, etc? *
RAD!!! > Please describe.
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Are you interested in and qualified to provide an in-school educational component? *
We are always seeking sculptures that involved the community in extended ways prior to the event!
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Any Crew, Security, Barricade or Other Considerations? *
Please describe what support is needed during the festival for your sculpture.
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Installation & De-Installation Specifications:
Please help us understand the process and support you need to successful install and deinstall your Sculpture.
How many Days/Hours? *
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How many Crew members do you have? *
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Any Heavy Machinery requirements? *
Please be specific in what type of machine, for how long and for what specific tasks in your install/de-install.
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Does your sculpture require additional footprint for Set-up/Tear-down? *
If so, how much additional space to you Sculpture's basic footprint?
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Special Requests or Considerations *
Anything not addressed and will assist in consideration of your Sculpture or details, please let us know!?!
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Don't hesitate to follow-up with questions - otherwise, we will confirm we received your submission on March 15th. And don't forget to plan on joining us May 12th - 14th in Reno, Nevada!
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