Swan Valley Highland Games 2020 - Entry Form
Complete the form below to enter the Swan Valley Highland Games, to be held on Sunday 29 March 2020. The Swan Valley Highland Games is an event promoted and run by Highland Games WA Inc, with the support of Elmar's in the Valley.
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Terms & Conditions of Entry
The disciplines in the Swan Valley Highland Games (the Competition) are as follows:

1. Open stone put (men = 5kg; women = 3kg)
2. Braemar stone put (men = 10kg; women = 5kg)
3. Light weight for distance (men = 13kg; women = 6.5kg)
4. Heavy weight for distance (men = 25.5kg; women = 13kg)
5. Women's caber toss (10 feet long)
6. Men's competition caber toss (14 feet long)
7. Challenge caber toss (18 feet long)
8. Weight over bar (men = 25.5kg; women = 13kg)
9. Sheaf toss (men = 7.5kg; women = 4kg)

1) By submitting this entry form you acknowledge that:
a) you have read and understood the competition details, the rules and the terms and conditions of entry to the competition;
b) as a competitor you compete at your own risk and your safety is your sole responsibility; and
c) the Highland Games is an extreme sport than can involve a variety of unanticipated risks of personal injury, accident, damage and in extreme cases, disability or death.
2) Submitting an entry form to compete at the Competition constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.
3) Your entry for this competition must be submitted and received before 5pm WST Friday 27 March to be validly received.
4) Entry to the Competition is free, but you must be a paid Ordinary Member of Highland Games WA Inc. (HGWA) to be eligible to compete. You can become a member by completing the Membership form linked on the website (https://forms.gle/UJ8okhrccAMCWMc49) and paying the $35 annual membership fee.
5) You agree to listen to all Competition Officials on the day, to follow their directions, and accept their decisions at all times.
6) The decision of an Official on the day of competition is final. Poor sportsmanship, abusive language, or inappropriate behaviour could result in you being ejected from the Competition at any time.
7) Neither HGWA nor Elmar's in the Valley (Elmar's) accept responsibility for any injury, damage, or loss to any person or property that may occur during any competition, during practices, or otherwise in relation to the event.
8) You warrant that you are in good health and have no medical or other conditions that might be effected by participation in the Competition.
9) You acknowledge that Competition events may change on the day, or be removed if time doesn't permit, at the Officials sole discretion.
10) By entering the Competition, you consent to both HGWA and Elmar's using the competition results, your name and image/video for publicity, communications, marketing and promotional purposes.
11) You warrant that you are above the age of 18 years, including in circumstances where you are accepting these terms and conditions of entry on behalf of your child or dependent.
12) You acknowledge and agree that in order to compete you must be wearing a kilt and long sock on the day of competition. Contact HGWA to get details to assist you in purchasing a kilt from our Sponsor, Sports Kilt, or from other sources.
13) In consideration of being permitted to participate in the Competition, you release and forever discharge HGWA, its owners, committee members, officials, employees, volunteers, agents, assigns, legal representatives and successors from all manner of actions, causes of action, debts, accounts, bonds, contracts, claims and demands for or by reason of any injury to person or property, including injury resulting in your death, which has been or may be sustained as a consequence of your participation in the Competition, and notwithstanding that such damage, loss, or injury may have been caused solely or partly by the negligence of HGWA.
14) You understand that by agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to forever be prevented from suing or otherwise claiming against HGWA for any property loss or personal injury that you may sustain while participating in or preparing for the Competition.
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IMPORTANT: For competitors under 18 years of age
Your parent or lawful guardian must present themselves to Competition Officials on the day and confirm they accept the above conditions of entry on your behalf.
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