Jewelry Fair 2014

Thanks for taking the time to apply for the Jewelry Fair 2014! This year, the Jewelry Fair will take place from noon on Saturday, September 13, through noon on Sunday, September 28. The fair will be open to all jewelry makers and creators who make original jewelry designs. It is okay to use legally sourced builder's tools such as mesh or sculpted pieces as long as there are very visible changes made so that the product becomes your own unique design. All jewelry designers who create jewelry for males, females, or children, petites, or fantasy creatures (ie. furries, fairies, elves, merfolk, etc.) are encouraged to apply. Please read this note in its entirety so that you are certain as to whether or not you should apply for a store at the event.

What this means, is that from now on, each applicant upon approval will be added to the waiting list and should anyone drop out, we will take the first person from the list. There's a 90% chance of participation for the first 5 on the waiting list.

**EVENT DATES: September 13 - September 28, 2014
~June 24 - Acceptance letters sent out and group invites sent
~June 24 - send full perm logo to Jewelryfair Resident & pay for your store at this time
~June 31 - All payments due
~ August 1 - No refunds will be given beyond this date.
~September 2 - Set up begins
~September 9 (noon) - Set up ends (Anyone not ready at this time will be replaced by the
next person on the waiting list)
~September 9 (3pm) - Bloggers allowed early access to the event.
~September 11 (12:01am) - Early access for sponsor groups
~September 12 (11:59pm) - Sims closed to everyone for final preparations.
~September 13 (12:01pm) Fair begins!
~September 28 (11:59 pm) Fair ends!
~September 30 Clean up and sim tear down


1) You must make your own jewelry or visibly alter legally sourced building materials to make them your own. (We reserve the right to reject your application if we notice that your items look exactly like or very similar to known templates.)

2) Designers are required to create five new items for this event. These items will be exclusive* to the event but can be sold in your store after the event has finished. (example: New item comes in 3 different metal options, plus 2 different gem options: 6 new items)

*EXCLUSIVE ITEM - an item that is not for sale anywhere else during the time of the event and has never been sold by you or given away by you previously. It must be new. It CAN be an old item in a new and never-released-before color.

3) This event is a jewelry fair and as such, all items in your store must be jewelry. If you have a question about whether or not something is allowed, please ask an event coordinator. Decorating the inside of your store is allowed but any prims used to decorate your store will counted toward your prim limit.
**Along with the obvious pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and piercings, the following are items which would be acceptable as pieces of jewelry: items used to decorate hair, head pieces, jeweled glasses, belly chains, armlets, cuff links, chokers, collars, slave bracelets, breastplates, brooches, toe rings, anklets, tiaras, crowns, & watches
***The following items are not permitted at the fair: shoes, belts, purses, cell phones, parasols, canes, hand fans, hats, gloves, suspenders, scarves, ties, etc.
****If you feel you sell jewelry items which are not covered on this list, please contact us to ask about placing your items in the fair. We know that we may not have covered all items above.

4) Designers must stick to their prim limit. If you go over, we will decide what needs to be returned. Please keep a strict count on your prims. (It is likely that extra prims will be available for purchase at the time of set up.)

5) Only members who are in good standing will be allowed to place items on the sim(s). A non-refundable* fee will be charged to each person for their store and is payable upon approval of the application. Acceptance and invites to the event will be sent out by June 24, 2014. All money is due by June 31, 2014, at the latest. If you have not paid your store fee by this date, you will not be permitted to participate in the event and your store will be given to the next person on the waiting list.

*Refunds may be given in extreme circumstances and are up to the discretion of the event organizers.

***ALL MONEY IS TO BE PAID TO A RENTAL BOX owned by Kira Paderborn. Please do not give any money for this event to any other person. Other fees that may be charged will be collected by PaleGirlProductions RESIDENT only. Besides payment to the rental boxes, PALEGIRLPRODUCTIONS RESIDENT is the only other person authorized to collect money for this event. Do NOT send any booth fees until you have been accepted. At that time, you will receive a LM to the rental area.

6) You will need space for 2 groups. Only members of the Pale Girl Productions group will be permitted on the sim(s) during set up times.

7) All prims must be located on the inside of your store. We will place your store name on the outside. A landing point will be set in the center of the sim. Sponsor spots will be available. Large billboards will also be available for rent.

8) NO SCRIPTS are to be used. This includes all networked vendors. NO Caspervend, BSM, Hippovend, eV2 etc. The ONLY script allowed is a simple split script if needed. Please do not place scripted subscribos, group joiners, note givers, or landmark givers in your store. These will be returned. It is possible for you to give notecards and landmarks by placing the items in a box and setting the box for sale for 0L. No hover-texts will be tolerated. **NO EXCEPTIONS!!! We understand that this can be frustrating to have to redo vendors but this event runs for a limited time so keeping track of your items or sales should not be too difficult if you keep up with it daily.

9) To help cut down on lag, we ask that all items placed in your store be set to phantom if possible.

10) Sim(s) will have a PG setting so that everyone can enjoy the event. This means all vendors must have private parts covered and there should be no photos of anything obviously sexual in nature.

11) Your store will have two windows. You may use two prims to decorate your windows (one per window). These must be normal prims. No sculpts or mesh prims are permitted in the windows. If we see them, we will remove them.


Prices for stores are as follows:

Small Store - 50 prims - 2,500L

Medium Store - 100 prims - 4,500L

Large Store - 150 prims - 8,000L

Landing Point Locations:

Small Store (near the landing point) - 50 prims - 10,000K

Medium Store ( near the landing point) - 100 prims - 12,500L

Large Store (near the landing point) - 150 prims - 15,000L

To the best of our ability, stores are filled on a first paid first served basis. The remainder of the stores available for the event will be scattered throughout the rest of the sim. We believe the sim design will allow for every booth to be seen very well. There are no "bad" spaces. There are a limited number of each type of store. If we have too many applicants, we will order more sims and expand. We will try to accomodate you as much as possible but with the number of jewelry designers that SL has, it will be difficult to make everyone happy. We do realize this and we would like to apologize in advance if you do not get the exact placement that you hoped for. Billboards will be available at the venue for a cost of $2000L per billboard. If you would like to have one of these spaces you will need to grab it as soon as the sim is open. These usually go fast.


We will not accept applications from anyone who has a DMCA filed against them until it is resolved. If you have filed a DMCA against someone because you believe that they have stolen your copyrighted work, and you notify us, we can remove their items from the event. The event organizers have the right to refuse any persons to enter our events, either into the venues or to participate. This includes the right to remove designers who have already been approved for the event if we feel it is necessary. Before we remove anyone from the event, we will try to resolve the issue. Where applicable, any fees that have been paid for the event may be refunded. This is completely at the discretion of the event organizers.

If you have any questions please contact either Kira Paderborn, Voshie Paine, or PaleGirlProductions Resident

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