Circular Economy Asia - Labeling for Recycling
Consumers are a key stakeholder in the Asian Plastics & Packaging Agreement. Changes to recycling labelling will be an important part in helping consumers through the recycling maze. This survey is restricted to the Asian region or non-Asian's living in Asia.

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1. Labeling: Labeling can assist with improving recycling rates. Please select one option you prefer: *
2. Would you support retailers who provide facilities to collect and recycle plastics into new products? *
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3. If the quality were the same would you buy products with recycled content? *
4. If the quality were the same what price percentage increase would be your limit of a product that included recycled materials? *
5. How important is it to have recycled content in new plastic products & packaging *
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Extremely important
6. Would you make the effort to recycle more if new products were made from waste?
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9. Country of Birth (If you were not born in Asia please select the Asian country you are living in) *
10. Education
11. Employment
12. Do you understand the term 'Secondary Raw Material'? *
13. Have you heard of the Circular Economy? *
Do you have any suggestions to improve the labelling & collection of plastic or other types of packaging or any other comments? *
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