Project Borealis - Rigging & Animation
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As a Character Rigger, you’ll be tasked with working with animators and 3D artists to develop, rig, and sometimes animate organic and mechanical characters. Additionally, experience with physics systems and procedural animation are not required, but are a big plus.
Skill Requirements
● In-depth experience with Maya
● Strong understanding of both Figure and Facial anatomy
● Experience rigging and animating organic and/or mechanical props (must be ready to provide specific examples of past work)
Project Requirements
● The ability to give and take constructive criticism
● The ability to handle multiple assignments at once while staying organized
● A desire to animate awesome characters that pay homage to their Half-Life 2 inspirations
● The ability to contribute, on average, 5 hours a week to Project Borealis
● A passion for the Half-Life universe and games
Additional Skills
● Experience with physics systems and procedural animation (please provide specific examples, if available)
● The ability to develop pipeline techniques and processes that simplify development
● A basic understanding of coding (preferably C++)
● Experience working on a game and/or in the games industry
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