Hastings-Sunrise Better at Home Volunteer Registration Form
Hastings-Sunrise Better at Home is a program designed to help seniors continue living independently by providing non-medical support services.

Hastings- Sunrise is a very diverse and vibrant community in the north-eastern corner of Vancouver. It is located within the following boundaries:

- Nanaimo St. east to Boundary Road.
- East Broaday north to the Burrard Inlet

Our program is currently offering the following volunteer-based services:

1. Friendly Visiting: Volunteers are matched with seniors for companionship and to increase their connection to the community!

2. Transportation: Door-to-door driving service for medical appointments, to run errands or go shopping.

3. Weekly grocery shopping trips: Door-to-door group trips from home to supermarket. Seniors can request to have an assistant if they have mobility difficulties.

As a Better at Home volunteer, you can volunteer in more than one service.

Please keep in mind, all our services are available only during the week, from Monday to Friday.

These positions are a on-call basis. Drivers and friendly visitors might have more regular clients, thus resulting in a more steady schedule.

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