We are excited that you have chosen to join this important prevention work in your community. Each member of the Discovery Family Coalition contributes in whatever way they are able to, offering the expertise and resources that are unique to their organization. Together we can create a positive impact for families, the community, and for your organization. As part of the coalition you are among friends who want to make a difference by strengthening families and building resilience in our youth.

In lieu of holding monthly or quarterly meetings, the coalition coordinators will work with you individually to discuss the contributions you are able to make. All coordination will be handled one-to-one on an as-needed basis between you, the member organization, and the coalition coordinators. A quarterly report will be sent out to all coalition members summarizing what prevention efforts have been made during the past quarter. You may be invited to complete a short survey each quarter to help ensure our quarterly reports are complete.

Did you know that one of the protective factors measured by the SHARP survey to gauge the well being of our youth is community connection? Unfortunately, that is an area where the trend is moving in the wrong direction, with youth feeling less and less connected to the community in which they live. You and your organization play an important role in strengthening that sense of community. How?

As part of the Discovery Family Coalition you will have the opportunity to identify where you can contribute to the prevention efforts in this area. It looks different for each coalition member because each member is unique, but here are some examples:
❏ Help connect families to the Discovery Family Coalition programs so they can access the benefits
❏ Provide parenting resources to be included in a Discovery Family Adventure or Parent Conversations
❏ Provide free classes for parents and/or youth
❏ Provide free family experiences to reward families that achieve certain milestones
❏ Donate items or passes to be used as giveaways/incentives for families that achieve certain levels
❏ Help fund program activities through participation in the marketing toolkit or Summer Passport program

Our overall goal as a coalition is two-fold:

1. Encourage families to spend good quality time together on a regular basis to reinforce family bonding.

2. Help parents become Prevention Specialists in their own home.

There is no better way to further our prevention efforts than to include the adults who spend the most time with and have the most influence on the youth we aim to help. Our goal is to equip parents with the resources they need to be the primary prevention specialist in their child’s life.

We are all in this together! We have a common goal: Strengthen Families and Build Resilience in Youth. We welcome any and all suggestions you have for ways to reach families. We invite you to be an active part of the coalition and share your resources and ideas with us at Wattson@MyDiscoveryDestination.com.

Please check all of the following that apply:

Please indicate below ways that you will contribute to community prevention efforts:

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Distribute coalition information via email to your mailing lists and/or employees/clients (If you can help with this please indicate anything you need from us in 'other'. Also indicate if this will be a one-time introduction or ongoing mentions.)
Distribute coalition information via social media (If you can help with this please indicate which platforms you have in 'other' so that we can connect and provide appropriate graphics). Please share posts from the Discover Family Fun USA Facebook community to your social media profiles.
Distribute coalition information via your newsletters (If you can help with this please indicate what you need from us in 'other')
Be an ‘Articles Partner’ and include coalition articles in your newsletters, blogs or on your website (If you can help with this please indicate in 'other' where the articles will appear. We will add you to our 'Article Partners' list and email articles when they are ready-- about one per month.)
Provide parenting resources and information to be included in the Discovery Family Adventures (If you can help with this please indicate specific topics you can help with in 'other')
Post valuable parenting resources and/or FREE community events from your organization in the Discover Family Fun communities and/or on the App. Please post directly into your local Discover Family Fun community on Facebook. We will approve the post and/or reach out directly if there needs to be changes. (Note that anything with a cost goes in a comment in the #TuesdayTRENDS thread. We will email you guidelines to help you get started.)
Include a promotional banner for the coalition on your outdoor marquee or in-house advertising, etc. (Please add details in 'Other')
Provide free parenting classes (If you offer classes for parents or youth please indicate specific topics in 'other')
Provide facility space for classes or events. Please describe the space in other and how many people it will fit.)
Provide FREE Family Reward Events (If you can help with this, please list specifics about the event you can provide in 'Other')
Provide FREE family experiences for the community (If you can help with this please indicate specifics about the event you can offer in 'other')
Allow the Discovery Family Coalition to co-sponsor your current FREE community events. (This includes putting the coalition logo on marketing materials and letting us put up a banner or booth at the event.)
Provide a special discount or event for Coalition Members and their families. (The coalition member is the official contact listed on our membership roster that we work directly regarding the coalition.)
Provide swag, passes, or items for incentives (If you can contribute family passes or annual memberships to your business/activities, or if you have swag or products you can contribute for rewards and giveaways, please indicate specific details in 'other'. If you have things become available down the road feel free to reach out to us any time at Wattson@MyDiscoveryDestination.com.)
Be a Guest Speaker for Parent Conversations (If yes, please list specific topics you could cover in 'Other')
Utilize the Marketing Toolkit to help fund the coalition’s programs and events (The marketing toolkit provides approximately $50,000 in advertising options throughout the year. The annual cost is $1,500. If that does not work for your organization but there is a different level you would like to participate at please put in 'other' the amount your organization would be able to invest in prevention efforts. We will work out a marketing toolkit that fits your contribution.)
Sponsor the Summer Passport Program (the Summer Passport Program has a wide variety of participation levels. We can set up a time to meet online for 20-30 minutes to discuss options).
Use Discovery Family Hunts in our organization to support funding for prevention efforts in the community. These hunts can be used for company parties, employee training, customer/client experience events. You can find details at MyDiscoveryHunt.com.
OTHER (Please add anything else you would like to contribute in 'Other' below)
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