Office of Inclusive Design (OID) Task Force
The Office of Inclusive Design Task Force was a senate initiative from last year. The purpose of the task force is to determine ASUW need and student interest for the OID. The OID is meant to be a resource for guidance in making student-led programming more accessible and inclusive. The committee will work with stakeholders to determine student needs and will work on and compile findings in terms of budgeting, personnel, and structural logistics that are required in the creation of a new ASUW entity.

The meeting time for the task force will be determined in the coming two weeks and all applicants will be notified as that time is determined. Voting members will be expected to do a maximum of five hours per week attending meetings and potential research.

If you have any questions about the task force please contact ASUW Vice President, Kevin Mendez at or check

Application closes on October 30th.
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