RHM Community 2020 Survey
Thank you for your interest in RHM!

We created this survey to collect feedback on the next RHM symposium and on the idea of forming an RHM society, as well as gauge volunteer interests.

In order to sustain the symposium, we need a distributed structure for planning and hosting. There is one thing we know for sure: the RHM symposium is special and we want to maintain what is working best about the symposium while creating space to try new things and make the symposium work best for all of you!

Also, at this year’s symposium, we began brainstorming about forming some sort of society or organization for RHM. One concern is the sustainability of the journal Rhetoric of Health & Medicine and its relationship to the symposium. We are still in the early stages of this conversation and want to hear your ideas, concerns, and preferences.

The questions that follow invite all members of our RHM community the opportunity to provide input on our next steps and to volunteer as we move forward. Thank you for your time and feedback!
What is your preferred modality for the 2021 RHM Symposium?
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What is your preferred time of year for the 2021 RHM Symposium?
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What is your preference for how often the symposium should be held?
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How should we handle hosting/location of the symposium?
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If you were in charge of the symposium, what feature would you add that would be your signature event?
What topics would you like to see covered in plenary panels, discussion hubs, or yet to be imagined sessions?
What suggestions would you make to improve the symposium experience?
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