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See the Entranced programming page for more details.
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Provide a short (~140 character) description of your class. This will go on the door signs outside the classrooms.
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Provide the full description of your class. This will go on the large wall schedule. If there will be intense emotional content, or potentially upsetting topics covered (such as trauma), or if it will include non-hypnosis BDSM (such as knives, flogging, etc), please include that here.
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Choose the type of class that most closely fits your presentation. Descriptions of each class type can be found at www.entrancedcon.org on the programming page.
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Who is this class primarily intended for? See the www.entrancedcon.org programming page for a description of the levels.
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Other consideration for the class such as time preference, prerequisite classes, special equipment, special room layout, etc. Basically anything Entranced or the hotel needs to know to make your class a success. We can not guarantee special equipment like projectors, but we will work with you if we can.
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Please provide your preferred contact information such as your e-mail, FetLife name, or Tumblr account so we can easily contact you if there are questions or problems..
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Rules can be found on our website, under the programming tab: http://entrancedcon.org/?page_id=183
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