AMC/Carthage Astronomy Program Evaluation
Thank you for taking part in our program. In just a few minutes you can help us improve our programs. We really appreciate your input!

The questionnaire asks some questions about you, your prior astronomy and AMC experience, and your views about today's program.

First, some questions about you:
What is your age?
Are you:
What is the highest level of education you have achieved?
Have you participated in other Appalachian Mountain Club programs in the past? If so, which one(s)?
Your answer
Have you participated in astronomy-related programs or activities prior to this program?
Overall, how much interest in astronomy would you say you had prior to this program?
Your experience with this program:
Where was the program you participated in today?
Did you get to look through a telescope today?
All in all, how would you rate your learning experience in this program?
Did this program motivate you to learn even more about astronomy?
Did this program strengthen your knowledge of astronomy?
Do you agree that this program helped you better understand how life and other features of our planet depend on astronomical processes?
Please give us a few examples from this program that helped you understand the links between astronomy and Earth, and tell us how it was helpful:
Your answer
For the following two statements, to what extent do you feel the program enhanced your sense of connection to the broader Universe?
Great Extent
Some Extent
Not At All
I realize that humans are but a small part of a very large Universe resulting from astronomical processes:
I feel that scientific methods and research are good foundations to understand the place of humans in the Universe:
Please provide comments and suggestions you think might help make this program better:
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If you are interested in receiving updates about AMC astronomy programming, or are willing to participate in our follow-up study of tonight's program, please provide your contact information below:
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E-mail Address
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State of Residence:
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Thank you for your help!
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