KY Association Feedback Survey
We would appreciate your feedback on how you feel about organizing events, trainings and our instructions during the pandemic. You can answer in Finnish or English and you don't have to answer all of the questions. The survey is anonymous, unless you want to leave your association's name or your contact information in the end of the survey.
Name of association (Optional)
How do you feel about organizing events in the current circumstances?
Do you feel safe organizing events/ do you worry about the safety of your events?
Do you find KY’s corona instructions sufficient?
Do you think the instructions are clear enough? If not what could be improved?
Is there something you would like to change/suggest what comes to the instructions?
How do you feel about organizing remote events? Do you think your association would be up for it?
How could KY help you to organize even safer events?
Do you have any feedback from the "Training: Organizing events at KY during the Covid-19 pandemic" -event?
Any other feedback/comments?
If you want us to answer your feedback, please leave your contact information below.
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