Parent Peer Leadership Program 2019-2020 Leadership Training For People Who Are Sharing NVC with Parents APPLICATION FORM
Any questions - Email (Please put “PPLP Application” in the subject line)
Email address *
We’d like to receive your application by September 15th or earlier, though we will continue to
accept applications until the program is full. We will contact you if we have further questions or would like a phone interview.

We intend to inform applicants of their acceptance into the program by September 30th OR
SOONER for early applicants.

Once your acceptance into the program has been confirmed, we will email you the necessary
information to complete your registration, pay your deposit, and sign up for a payment plan.
When this is complete, you will receive links to access the Wiki website and all the program

Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out and submit your application. We are looking
forward to being in touch with you soon.

Warmly, Ingrid, Stephanie and the PPLP Leadership Team
The following application is divided into three sections: #1 Instructions, #2 Applicant Background, Experience & Hopes, #3 Contributions and Financial Information.

Please answer the questions in whatever way meets your needs for full expression and clarity. If you find your response to a particular question is already covered in another question, simply refer us to the relevant answer. Likewise, if you struggle to connect with a particular question, feel free to indicate this and to move on to the next question. While you may write as much as you like, we are not expecting more than a few lines for narrative questions.

NOTE: If you have previously studied with Ingrid, or Stephanie, please contact us prior to filling out the application; a full application may not be necessary. Alumni of PPLP returning for a 2nd or subsequent year are required to complete only the “Personal Information” section and the Financial Section.
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