The Parish of St. Joseph & St. Margaret Clitherow, Bracknell - Our Parish Vision for the Future
Over the last year Covid-19 has badly affected our whole community. We have been separated from each other, seen the need for support with basic essentials such as food increase as well as witnessing a worrying decline in mental health.

Now we are beginning to emerge from the other side of the crisis we want to understand exactly what our future vision as a Parish is; what do we value most as a Parish, how do we see our role both within the Parish and the wider community and how can we use our buildings to support our vision?

Over the next few weeks we will be asking Parishioners to complete this short survey to begin this process so together we can develop a vision for the future which is ambitious, quantifiable and achievable.

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How would you describe your relationship with The Parish of St. Joseph & St. Margaret Clitherow's Church? (tick all that apply)
Which age bracket are you in?
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In your opinion what are the three key attributes you would seek in an ideal Parish?
Aside from Mass, what do you think the Parish does really well now / shortly before Covid? (select all that apply)
Thinking about your ideal building, what are the most important things to you? (select up to 5)
In your experience, what are the current needs in the community that the Parish could help to address? eg lack of activities for young people, homelessness, access to food etc.
Are there any types of spaces that The Parish of St. Joseph & St. Margaret Clitherow doesn’t have that are in demand locally, or would facilitate running activities that are desirable but can’t be accommodated in the current building?
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