The Everyday Peace Toolkit - Survey 1: Micro-Aggression
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Have you ever experienced situations that make you feel physically or emotionally hurt and humiliated? You may have experienced a form of everyday violence. This survey will help us put together The Everyday Peace Toolkit: a set of free and accessible research-based resources to help people like you address situations of everyday violence that they may encounter in their lives. As part of this project, we are carrying out a series of surveys. The current one focuses on micro-aggression.

Although this study is carried out but professional researchers (PhD), this study is not aimed primarily at academic publications or institutional reports. It is for people like you, people who experience everyday violence first-hand. Your experience could help others who may be facing similar situations. That is why the knowledge and insight you could give us is so important. There could be something in your story that could help, even if you feel that it did not work well for you. In particular, we look for micro-level patterns of interaction, which is why you fill find detailed questions about the situational dynamics.

Unlike many other surveys, this research is not based on statistics. We use a different methodology so that we can listen deeply to people’s experiences, and look for patterns. For this reason, there is room for you to say your story your own way - in fact, this would be the best! You are welcome to follow the structure provided, but please feel free to skip any question or section, or if you prefer, jump to the end and tell your story in your own words.

WARNING: This is a very sensitive topic, and it could re-evoke traumatic emotions. Please do skip any questions that are not comfortable. Your well-being is the priority for us and nothing would justify hurting you again. The survey is completely anonymous. We are not collecting personal details and we will not able able to trace your answers back to you. If you wish to stay in touch with our network, enter your contact details in the separate link provided at the end after your submission. The form will open in a separate page and will NOT be recorded together with your survey answers.

All the questions are absolutely non-judgmental. There are many detailed questions, and some may feel invasive, but remember that we make no assumptions, and we do not judge. There is no right or wrong answer. Nobody could judge what you could or should have done in those situations, or compare ‘performances’ with those of others. We would not judge even behaviors that may be sanctioned elsewhere in society. We are humbly here to understand and to learn from you. We are deeply grateful for your help.

This project is carried out by Dr Monica Career and Dr Sylvia Frain from The Everyday Peace Initiative. You can learn more about us at

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Experiencing Micro-Aggressions
Have you experienced interactions that made you feel a sense of shame, humiliation, hurt, or deep disrespect?
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Did any of these hurtful interactions happen with people you did not know or barely knew?
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