Ozark Mt. UFO Conference - Evaluation Form
Your evaluation, your ideas and your voice are important. Thank you for taking time to complete this assessment of this year’s Virtual UFO Conference. Please use the following scale to respond to each of the questions below.
1 = Strongly Agree         2 = Agree         3 = Average         4 = Disagree          5 = Strongly Disagree
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1. Advertising of the conference and online information were adequate. *
2. Online registration was simple, fast and efficient. *
3. Advance information about the conference was adequate. *
4. The check-in procedure was simple, fast and efficient. *
5. The conference registration process (online or onsite) was efficient.
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6. Rate the materials provided at the conference (the conference program, catalogs, flyers, etc.)
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7. The conference vendors provided a variety of goods and services that you found informative and/or enjoyable; vendors enhanced your experience at the conference.
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Conference Location/Facility
8. The facility was accessible
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9. Parking was accessible and adequate
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10. The cost of the conference was reasonable. *
11. At the hotel's restaurant, the food was enjoyable and the service was efficient.
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Conference Speakers
12. Speakers were knowledgeable in their subject areas. *
13. The quality and delivery of their presentations were excellent. *
14. Their responsiveness to audience questions was thoughtful. *
Overall Conference
Please use the following scale to respond to the questions below:
1 = Excellent         2 = Good        3 = Average        4 = Fair       5 = Poor
15. What is your overall rating of the conference? *
16. How would you rate the overall value of the conference website? *
17. Was the cost, with respect to the experience, worth it? *
18. Was the time allotted to each speaker appropriate? *
19. Do you leave today feeling you have gained valuable insight? *
20. Would you attend a future Ozark Mountain UFO Conference? *
21. Would you recommend future conferences to others? *
22. What were the most meaningful aspects of the conference to you? *
23. How did you hear about us? *
24. What suggestions would you give for improving future conferences? *
25. Are there Speakers you would like to see at future conference? *
The Ozark Mountain UFO Conference Staff
We appreciate you for taking the time to share your valuable opinions with us. Please visit our website for future conference information and updates at ozarkufoconference.com. Thanks for making this such a special event and helping us to continue the longstanding tradition Lou Farish began. We look forward to exploring and discovering together with you again soon!
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