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Thank you for sinning up to become a brand ambassador for Sparksflyfashion!
Below is everything you need to know about being an ambassador for Sparksflyfashion.
Please carefully read the details bellow, once you are finished and completly understand our terms, fill out the form below, you will be contacted via email with your personalized coupon code shortly!
If you have any questions contact us through or Instagram @sparksflyfashion
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Brand Ambassador Information
What benefits will I receive?
You will have many awesome benefits by being an brand ambassador for
You will be offered
A FREE t-shirt once your coupon code has been used for the first time
A large discount when you first join our ambassador ship program
Exposure on our Instagram
Your pictures will be featured on our website
You will be able to receive money if you continue
You will be sent free items if you continue
You will have your own personalized coupon code

How does it work?
Once you agree to these terms, and conditions you will be sent a discount code via email to use on the website. This code will give you a large discount on any item in the store you choose. This code may only be used one time, and is only for you.
Pick an item, add it to your cart and proceed to checkout. After you type in your shipping address, email address, and phone number, you will arrive at the checkout screen. At the top of this page there will be a button that says “apply coupon code”. You must apply the coupon code that you received at this time. We cannot fix any improper checkouts, or give any discounts after you pay full price. So please check to make sure the coupon code was applied correctly. If you have any trouble with this step please feel free to contact us at sparksflyfashion0@gmailcom.

Once your item has arrived you must email us at, And let us know as soon as you received your item. We will then send you an additional email with another coupon code inside. This coupon code will be your name (example AALIYAH 12). This is how we keep track of how many sales you have made. You will give this code to your friends and followers.

What do I have to do?
You are required to post at least one picture on your Instagram per discounted item you receive and tag us on Instagram You will start off with only one discounted item, and you may only receive another upon request.
You must post it on your page ( not an Instagram story)
You must post it on the page you used on your application.
If you like, you may post it on other pages as well to gain your coupon code more exposure, however you MUST post it on the Instagram page you used on your application.
You have a maximum of 1 week after you receive your item, and your new personalized coupon code to post the item on your Instagram page.
You must keep the Instagram post up on your page for 30 days or more.You must be an active brand ambassador failure to have your coupon code used at least 3 times a month will result in the termination of your coupon code, and you will no longer be an ambassador.
( Failure of any of these steps will result in no money being earned)

How do I make money?
The amount of money you make is based on how many people use your personalized coupon code.When your code has been used 1 time yo will be sent a free FLY Team member T-shirt. Once your code has been used a minimum of 10 times you may choose to cash out via Paypal, or Cash App. You will earn a portion of money for each sale you make. We will send you an email each time your coupon code has been used! You may also choose to get discounted, or free items instead of money!
You may only receive cash or store credit once your code has been used 10 or more times
If you get someone to buy something on our website, but they do not use your coupon code you do not get the credit for it, so make sure they are using your coupon code at checkout.
Also make sure they are using the code correctly.
( you will start off by receiving 15% of commission per sale used with your coupon, The longer you are an ambassador the more your money grows)
Terms & Conditions-I understand I can be terminated from the brand ambassadorship program at anytime if I am behaving in a way the company feels is inapropriate.-I am aware I am not an employee, agent, franchisee or partner of the company. I cannot act on behalf of the company. I do not have any authority to incur debt, obligation, or liability on behalf of the company.-I am aware that failure to do any of the steps above will result in no money being earned, and termination from the program.-I agree to these terms and conditions SIGN ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE BELOW *
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