ESRCCB Religious Education Program Information and Rules
Dear parents of prospective Religious Education students,

Welcome to our Religious Education program! We look forward to registering your child(ren) in our program. Please note that this registration is a commitment toward the parish, toward the volunteers teaching the program, and toward your children themselves, to attend the classes and come with them Sunday Mass during this school year. Please read and sign agreement on this page before completing the registration form on the next page.

1. Religious Education curriculum is organized as follows (note we typically have a wide range of ages in each class given the diversity of situations in our community)

First Cycle: 3 years to prepare for First Holy Communion
o RE1 is an introduction to our Faith giving all starting students the basic knowledge (knowledge of prayers, themes and stories from the Bible, etc.). Children are expected to read the class book in English. At the end of the year a simple questionnaire, and teachers’ feedback will determine if students are able to progress to RE2.
o RE2 is the second year of preparation for First Holy Communion. At the end of the year students receive the sacrament of penance.
o RE3 is the last year of preparation for First Holy Communion. Students in that year will receive a sign up sheet to record their attendance to Sunday Mass. Completion of this sheet and feedback from teachers will determine eligibility to receive First Holy Communion in May/June.

Second Cycle: ‘workshop’ classes to remain engaged in Religious Education after First Holy Communion and before Confirmation. These classes are subject to availability of teachers and number of students registered.

Third Cycle: 1 year to prepare for Confirmation. Students are eligible to register in this class if they
o are baptized
o have received First Holy Communion
o are at least 14 at the time of the sacrament (May or June),
They will also receive a sign up sheet for mass attendance.

2. Lessons take place once a month on Sundays, 3pm to 5pm, from September to May/June. RE lessons are not optional and absences need to be
o Motivated (illness, exceptional family event)
o Announced to teachers at least 24 hours before class
After 5pm Children will be unsupervised. Parents should collect their children at this time. If a parent is delayed the parent must contact the teacher by SMS indicating the time they can collect their child.
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