Groveland Good News Club Registration Form
Good News Club is an exciting, FREE, fun-filled club, including games & snack, dynamic Bible lessons, creative learning activities, life-changing Scripture memory, and meaningful songs.
Good News Club is taught by specially trained Christian volunteers. All club workers are screened as required by CEF's child protection policy to ensure your child's safety.

Hosted and conducted by local area churches, teachers, and parents. Partnering with

Place: Groveland Elementary Mrs. Nikki Sitzman's Room #28
Dates: Every Tuesday school is in session Oct. 24 - November 28, 2017; Spring 2018 TBD
Time: Right after school, 3:25-4:40pm

Club Family Pizza Party at
Monday 12/4 or Tue 12/5 after school until 6pm with Deephaven GNC families

Who can attend? All kids grades K-5, regardless of religious background. Parents are welcome to attend with child.
Parent/Guardian: Your child must be picked up immediately after the club ends. Thank you.
Please notify your kid(s)' teacher(s) and Explorers to let them know your child is going to club on Thursdays. The school does not get this registration form.

For more info call/text Chris Adams, Family Ministry Director at 612-978-1231 or

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Please call or text Chris (612-978-1231) if something comes up and your kid(s) won't be there any day or if someone else is picking up. Bring an ID for first time pick up. Please list any known absent dates.
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I give permission for my child(ren) to attend the Good News Club on Tuesdays from 3:25-4:30pm at Groveland Elementary School. I understand my child(ren) must be picked up in classroom 28 immediately at the end of the club at 4:30pm. I will notify my kid(s) teacher(s) (and Explorers if necessary) to let them know the dates my child is going to club on Thursdays. (Please type your first and last name to indicate your signature and permission.) *
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