New Enrichment/Voucher Vendor Interest Application
Ready to become an enrichment vendor? To begin the Vendor Application process please answer the below questions on the following form. Vendors will be contacted within 2-3 business days via email with the next steps in the vendor application process. This application is for Enrichment/Service vendors only. If you offer a product or curriculum, please contact

Vendor Application Process: The first step is to complete this application thoroughly. Your response will be reviewed and processed in 2-3 business days. If you qualify, we will send you the enrichment vendor contract via docusign.

Parents and Families: This survey is for VENDORS to fill out. If you would like to suggest a vendor, please email their contact information to

If you have any questions about becoming a vendor, please email
Name of Business *
Please provide the name of your business. This should agree to Line 1 of your W9. If you are a sole prop., please use your first and last name.
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Name of Contact *
Please provide the name of the owner, director, or the primary point of contact. Please include their first and last name.
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Email Address *
Please provide the email address of the owner, director, or the primary point of contact. Once reviewed and approved, the Vendor Contract will be sent to this email address.
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Address of Vendor- Where Services are rendered. *
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Please use the format (123) 456-7891
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Please provide, if available, your business website.
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Do you have any employees, sub contractors, or volunteers? *
Visions in Education has two requirements for all enrichment/ voucher vendors. Please review the below requirements prior to submitting your vendor application. *
#1 Live Scan Clearance: If you are a sole proprietor with NO employees, contractor, and volunteers (which includes relatives), you will be Live Scanned using Visions' Live Scan form. If you have employees, contractors, and volunteers, you are responsible for their Live Scan and must show proof of a DOJ issued COR letter. #2 Liability insurance. You are required to show proof of liability insurance. The policy should include Visions in Education to be a Certificate Holder and an Additional Insured. The policy should also carry a $1 million per occurrence liability coverage
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