2024 ARBC Oklahoma Interest Form
The American Regional Biology Competition (ARBC) is a student-led organization aiming to provide an accessible, team-based competition environment for passionate biology students. In-person regional competitions are designed to be accessible to a curious AP Biology student, consisting of 3 different team rounds and 1 individual round. The topics covered will include cell and molecular biology, genetics, anatomy and physiology, biosystematics, bioinformatics, ecology, ethology, and evolution.


Rules: All rounds are calculator-open and internet-closed (with the exception of Paper Round). 

1. Paper Round (50 minutes, internet allowed) -- You and your team will read 2 scientific research papers or articles and be asked 1-3 comprehension questions on each. There will also be 1-3 synthesis questions. 
2. Team Round (30 minutes) -- Your team will be given 6 short-answer questions (1-2 sentences each).
3. Wave Round (30 minutes) -- There will be 15 multiple true-false questions given to your team in order of increasing difficulty. Each question links to the next and you cannot move backwards to change answers to previous questions. 
4. Individual Round (60 minutes) -- You will be given 50 multiple-choice questions to answer individually. 

Some sample questions of an in-person regional test can be found here, with the answer key here. The Official Rulebook can be found here


The upcoming ARBC Oklahoma Regional Competition will be held in April 2024. Students in teams of 3-4 may participate to test their biology knowledge with friends and have a chance to win awesome prizes (in the past, prizes have included gift cards, holographic stickers, educational subscriptions, and biology textbooks)! The top teams of each region will also qualify for the 2024 ARBC National Competition, to be held in May 2024. Students without a team may ask to be matched up with other individuals to participate. 

For more information about ARBC, look below! 
Email: arbcompetition.info@gmail.com
Instagram: @arbc.bio
Community Discord Server join link: https://discord.gg/qCuVQ78Ck2

Questions can also be emailed to the Oklahoma Regional Director Thansi Garikipati at thansi.garikipati@gmail.comThank you for your support!
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