N4TF Early Release Form
In order for your student to have permission to leave the event early, this form must be submitted by a parent/guardian by Monday, February 7, 2022. These measures are in place for your student's safety.
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Volunteers will escort students approved for early release on a half hour basis throughout the night. They will only be allowed to leave on the half hour that you choose, they will not be able to leave the building at times between the intervals below. When it is their time to leave, they will meet at the ticket office at the front of the building where they checked in. If they are late, they will have to wait until the next half hour time to be escorted to their car, please keep this in mind and be prompt to the ticket desk at your time of release.
Who will be picking up your student at that time? *
By clicking I agree, I give my student permission to leave early from the Night for the Fight event at the Fifth Third Arena on the University of Cincinnati's campus on February 12-13, 2022 at the time I have indicated above. I will make sure that my student has signed out of the event at the registration table, letting an adult know that he/she is leaving early. I will also make sure that my student will check in with the chaperone the night of the event before they leave. *
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