Star Wars: Escape from Star Killer Base
Town of Esopus Library Digital Escape Room

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This is a fan project with no affiliation to The Walt Disney Company. All the characters, stories, videos, and graphics used in the digital escape room belong to their respective copyright owners and the Town of Esopus Library does not claim any right over them. (Special Thanks goes out to Richmond Hill Public Library for originally developing and sharing the escape room that this one is modeled after).

This escape room is fun for all ages. It can be played alone, or in groups. If playing long distance with others, have one person be in charge of inputting the solutions for the rest of the group.
Escape from Star Killer Base
The Rebel Alliance needs your help!

The mission is tricky though as you will need to infiltrate a First Order Star Destroyer ship that is stationed above Star Killer Base. You are required to steal information relating to the First Order's starship manufacturing center. If you can figure out where the ships are put together, the Rebellion can destroy the factory--causing the First Order to finally admit defeat.

You manage to sneak on board the Star Destroyer without any issues, but once your team makes it to the ship's control center, several Stormtroopers get suspicious of your presence and fire their blasters.



The control center door quickly slides closed as one of the troopers punches his fellow trooper then rushes into the room with you.

One blaster managed to hit and destroy the lock though. Your team is trapped in the room until you get the information you need and figure a way out.

Luckily the trooper who took out his partner and ran into the room has been waiting for their chance to flee from the First Order. They want to help your team!

Complete any challenges in the control center. Get the manufacturing base location. Fix the lock to get out before Kylo Ren comes to handle your team himself.
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