Silent Meditation Retreat Registration and Payment Form - May 2019
The Retreat is to be held at the Forest Retreat Centre at The Channon, northern NSW.

Directions to the Centre, what you need to bring & other details will be emailed to you once you have registered.

Registrations and payments need to be completed by Saturday 11th May so we can buy food for the Retreat.

The Retreat starts Thursday afternoon - arrive between 1pm and 3pm, 16 May - and finishes Monday 20 May at approx 1pm.

Please only register if you can come for the whole time.

As with all faerie gatherings, the Retreat runs on the contribution of all of us attending. There will be three meals a day at the Retreat & the Retreat focalisers will have worked out menus and done the food shopping beforehand. Due to the number of people attending, it is expected that each faerie will need to coordinate at least one meal - a breakfast, lunch or dinner. You will have support. There will also be other tasks to do to keep things humming along over the 4 days eg. sweeping paths, fire duty, wood collecting and so on.

The retreat will be led by an experienced meditator who will lead each meditation session and provide teaching throughout.

Faerie Name
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Contact Number
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Accommodation *
Accommodation available at the Retreat Centre is as follows: 9 sleeping spaces in cabins (some shared, mozzie net required); 8 tent sites; 4 van spaces. Please indicate which accommodation suits you, but please be prepared to be flexible
Dietary Needs *
A range of vegetarian food will be available 3 meals a day. Use "other" to list other dietry needs, serious food allergies or sensitivities. (Click all that apply.)
Meditation Experience
This information will better help the Retreat Leader plan the Retreat
Do have a current meditation practice? Have you had any previous meditation experience, been on retreats, when? *
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Health Issues
Answers to questions below will enable the Retreat Coordinator and the Retreat Leader to better support your experience. Answers will be kept confidential.
Current issues that may make meditation or retreat participation difficult for you at this time: (physical, mental/emotional and/or spiritual) *
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If you identified issues above, how might they interfere with sitting and walking meditation? *
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How do you assess your current ability to work with emotional swings? *
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Can you offer a lift to another Faery?
There is limited parking at the Centre. Please let us know where you can offer the lift from so we can put you in touch with a Faery requiring a lift. (If you indicate you can offer a lift, we will share your email contact details with the group to facilitate car-pooling)
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Money Matters
Payment Information
Please transfer $120 to:
Account Name: Peter Gilbert
Bank: Summerland Credit Union
BSB: 728-728
Acc. No. 22300922
Description on recipient's statement: please write your name so we know it's you who has paid
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Thank you for registering. Now that you have registered we will email you important Retreat information including directions and what to bring. We are delighted that you are joining us.
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