VSSN's Veteran & Military Holiday Wishlist 2022!
Happy Holidays! Here you can request help by giving some info regarding your needs and VSSN members will ask helping hands to support...VSSN cannot promise any items....you will be invited to VSSN's Winter Wonderland on Dec 15th to collect toys NOT on your list.

If one or more of your wishes are granted you will be notified via email or text.  (please DO NOT FORGET YOUR MILITARY OR VA ID WHEN PICKING UP :)
Name of  Veteran/AD or Reservist *
If requesting...Name of Spouse or Caregiver
Mobile Phone (providing a phone means that you agree to text notifications and understand carrier rates may apply) *
How many children between 0-13 in your family
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How many children between 14-18 in your family
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Are you also requesting a gift for an adult (service member, veteran, spouse ONLY)
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Please list the ages of your children plus any adults and their wish list...include your wish list (if you are eligible). Please include sizes if choosing clothes/shoes
Tell us about your family and how we can get you connected to more opportunities!
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