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Fill out this form with as much information as possible for our expert team of designers and copywriters to design and build your DFY High Ticket Sales Funnel and PLEASE REMEMBER TO CLICK SUBMIT AFTER YOU HAVE ANSWERED THE QUESTIONS TO ENSURE WE RECEIVE THE FORM.

You must use the same email address that you purchased with to get your DFY High Ticket Sales Funnel designed. Using a different email will cause delays in your fulfillment of your funnel.


Please use ONE and the same email address as this will be where we will send your ads.
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Please create a Google Drive folder and upload the necessary items. Please complete this step carefully, as it's very important for my team to have all the required materials to create your high-quality funnel design. 

If you do not provide us the required things, you might end up with an average funnel that will produce average results. So, please make sure you do this step well.

- Logo Files
- Pictures for the funnel
- Text/Content for the funnel
- Calendly embed code
- Share some example websites/ funnels that you like so we can use them as inspiration for the design
- Specific fonts/ colors
- Access to your domain name and hosting account (Very Important)
- Social proof in the form of ratings, reviews, press, etc.
- Expected Launch Date

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I understand due to the 96% discount, we will provide the copy templates + Funnel design and do any edits live on your 1-1 call as we set Funnel live, multiple rounds of edits and back and forth is not included or possible at this low price. *
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