Chocolate Awards Questionnaire
Please answer as many questions as you feel comfortable answering.

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Most questions ask for open-ended answers rather than yes/no, multiple choice, or checkboxes. Please write as much or as little as needed to explain your position. For that reason, I cannot estimate how long it will take. However much time you can spend is appreciated.

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What are your thoughts about chocolate competitions programs in general?
What does winning an award mean for your business?
What does winning an award mean to you personally?
What do you think winning an award means to consumers?
How do you think consumers use the awards?
How do you think retailers and distributors use the awards?
Thinking about the number of awards given out by competitions:
Thinking about your answer to the above question, what do you think is the right number of awards to be given out? Why?
Do you think the awards program organizers communicate clearly to your peers and consumers about what the awards mean?
Please explain your answer to the question above.
What awards programs/competitions have you participated in? (Check all that apply
If you participate in two or more competitions, which is the most valuable to you/your business? Why?
Do you have any specific reasons for entering/not entering any particular competition?
If more than one reason is listed above, what is the single most important factor influencing your decision to enter or not?
Have you received an award from any competition?
If your answer is yes to the above question, please tell us which one(s) and any details about the awards you care to share.
If you have received an award, how have you found them useful to your business?
How do you use the award? (Check all that apply.)
Which of the above is most important/effective for your business and why?
If you have entered an awards competition in the past and no longer do, what factors contributed to that decision?
What do you like MOST about the process of entering the awards and monitoring the progress of your entry/ies?
What do you like LEAST about the process of entering the awards and monitoring the progress of your entry/ies?
What are your thoughts about the costs associated with entering awards programs?
Do you think there should be a limit to the number of entries a company can enter in one year and/or category?
Thinking about the above question, what is your reasoning for your answer?
Have you received feedback from program organizers about any entry?
If you answered YES to the above question, did you find the feedback helpful?
If any entry arrived damaged, were you notified and given enough time to send replacement goods?
If you could change anything about awards programs, what would that be?
In a third-party analysis of the awards programs, what would you MOST like to see/learn?
Anything you’d like to add?
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