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I am delighted to share my work with you, and hope that it will bring joy and enthusiasm to those who read it! Kindly answer a few follow-up questions, to help me grow and improve my comics in the future. If you're willing, after your kids have interacted with the comic could you please answer the feedback quiz below? All feedback (big or small!) is greatly appreciated, and you can bookmark the link until you're ready to fill out the form!
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I will use this to add to our global map! Anything from city to state/country would be amazing, and it's completely anonymous.
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How old were the learners who used the comic?
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Did you use this comic printed or in digital format (or both)?
Can you tell me a little more about how the comic was used in the classroom?
e.g. was it printed as handouts, a poster or other; or which types of digital programmes did you use it in (e.g. PowerPoint / Moodle)?
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How did the learners respond to the comic?
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Do you (or the learners) think the comic could be improved?
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Did the learners have any questions after reading it?
Let me know if I can answer any questions too!
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What type of resource is best for communicating marine science in your classroom?
Which topics do you think would be well suited to a marine biology resource?
e.g. topics such as: career help / habitats / ecology / resource cycling / food webs / other. This could be curricular or non-curricular.
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Do you have any photos that you're willing to share? Please send them to me on, as I'd love to see them! Tick below if you're planning to send photos, and I'll look out for your email.
Thank you for your time, I really appreciate your feedback and hope that you enjoy my comics! Share the comic with others by sharing this link:
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