EuroPython 2018 Sponsor Ad Upload
If your sponsor packages includes an ad for the conference brochure, please use this form to upload the file, so that our designer can pick it up and add it to the brochure.

Our sponsor packages include ad space in the conference booklet. The size of the ad depends on the sponsorship level:

- Keystone, Diamond: eligible for a two page ad
- Platinum, Gold: eligible for a one full page ad
- Silver, Bronze, Patron: eligible for a one half page ad

Please send the ad as TIFF file using the "File Upload" below, based on the following specification:

- Full-page size: 19cm wide x 21cm high
- Half-page size: 19cm wide x 10.5 cm high
- Print resolution: 300dpi
- Bleed: 3mm all around the ad
- Color profile: don't use any specific color profile
- File format: .tiff

*** Deadline: June 20th (was: June 15th)

If you have questions, please write to Thanks.

Sponsor Name *
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File Upload *
Please make sure that you include the sponsor name in the file name, so we can easily identify the ad. If you upload multiple versions, please indicate this in the file name and the comment below, so we can pick the right version for the brochure.
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