2024 "Winter" SWL Fest - Informal Poll of Past and Future SWL Fest attendees
Since the advent of COVID, we’re maintained an annual Fest by using the ZOOM platform.  This has proven popular and successful and will continue.  However, we have always considered a return to an “in-person” Fest something desirable if at all possible.  This year we decided to move the dates for the Fest to May to address two potential weather-related roadblocks to doing so:  ease of travel and the likelihood that the potential for illness lowers as the weather moderates.

This “unscientific” poll with help us determine the best course of action for the “‘Winter’ SWL Fest” this year.  We hope that everyone on these three platforms interested in the Fest will participate in this poll. Please provide your input via this poll ASAP so we can compile responses.  We’ll let you know what we’ve learned immediately thereafter.  Thank you!
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I would be willing to once again attend an in-person Fest. *
To demonstrate that willingness, I would be willing to make a nonrefundable upfront payment of $50 to $100.  This would ensure enough participation to cover unavoidable fixed costs like a meeting room(s) and electronic costs. *
Would a significant increase (say 25%) in costs (for travel, lodging, food) to attend affect your decision? *
Should ALL of the features of past Fests be retained? These include:  the Forums, the convention atmosphere by holding the event for two days  in a sizeable hotel, the Banquet, the Raffle, the Silent Auction, the Swap Meet, the Hospitality Room.
Please add any further comments you deem helpful.  Thanks!
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