First Stay at Doggy Discovery Zone!
Let us know a little more about your fur baby so we can give them the best care possible.
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What is your fur babies name? *
1. Is your dog neutered or spayed? *
2. Does your dog need medication? *
If so, which medication and how often?
3. Does your dog have any allergies? *
If so please list all allergies
4. What are some tricks your dog knows? Identify all that apply. *
5. What is your dogs rabies vaccination number? *
6. In case of emergency or vaccine follow up, please provide your vet contact information below: *
7. How old is your dog? *
8. Which weight category does your dog fall under? *
9. Does your dog have issues eating? *
10. When does your dog typically eat? *
11. What does your dog eat? *
12. How many walks does your dog typically get? *
13. How often does your dog need to pee? *
14. Does your dog pull on the leash? *
15. Does your dog sleep through the entire night? *
16. Is your dog crate trained? *
17. Where does your dog typically sleep? *
18. Does your dog bark or whine when left alone? *
19. Does your dog listen off leash? *
20. Does your dog like to play in the water? *
21. Does your dog enjoy mentally challenging games and tasks such as new obstacles or finding toys that were hidden around the house? *
22. What is something your dog is scared of?
23. Is your dog shy or excitable? *
24. Does your dog like to play with other dogs? *
25. Does your dog have any habits you can’t seem to fix but are becoming a nuisance?
26. Does your dog like to dig? *
27. Is your dog possessive over toys? *
28. Does your dog have issues getting their nails trimmed? *
29. Is your dog okay to receive natural, chemical free homemade treats? (ingredients can be provided upon request) *
30. Is there anything else you would like us to know about your fur baby?
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