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1. The ability of a muscle to work over a SHORT period of time is... *
2. The ability of the joints to move through a full range of motion is... *
3. Being able to breathe oxygen easily while you are moving is... *
4. Being able to change direction quickly under control is... *
5. The ability of a muscle to produce force over a LONG period of time is...? *
6. MyPlate helps with... *
7. What is a healthy choice if you want a snack? *
8. Responsible PE behavior is... *
9. When throwing, you step with the ___________________ as your throwing hand. *
10. The differences that exist in the world, society or your school is... *
11. In Basketball, when you dribble, how HIGH do you want the ball to go? *
12. Veronica wants to improve her volleyball forearm passing (bump). What does she need to do to improve? *
13. The team with possession of the ball/puck and are attempting to score is... *
14. What part of the foot do you use when dribbling a soccer ball? *
15. Figuring out how to compete better or how to win in a game/activity is called... *
16. It is called _____________________ when using more than one body part at the same time. *
17. Ivan wants to improve his health. Which should he consider? *
18. Which is the best example of cooperation and communication? *
19. When catching a ball at your chest, point your fingers... *
20. What does Play60 mean? *
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