Kinlani (Flagstaff) Mutual Aid
This is for members of the Flagstaff community to volunteer (including outlying neighborhoods -- from Timberline and Doney to Kachina and Mountainaire) to offer skills, resources, supplies, space and time to community members who are most vulnerable among us.

Esto es para que los miembros de la comunidad de Flagstaff se ofrezcan como voluntarios (incluyendo los barrios periféricos, desde Timberline y Doney hasta Kachina y Mountainaire) para ofrecer habilidades, recursos, suministros, espacio y tiempo, a los miembros de la comunidad que son más vulnerables entre nosotros.

This is also for members of the Kinlani/Flagstaff community to ask for the help they need.  These needs will include deliveries, transport, resource sharing and distribution, anti-racist/anti-xenophobic action and more depending on needs, resources, and capacity.

We need to show up for each other.  Especially for those who are at great risk (the elderly, the immunocompromised, those with chronic illnesses, the poor, unsheltered folks, undocumented immigrants, those with little or no access to health care).  

We will absolutely not be sharing any information outside of our organization, and we have no interest in whether anyone is documented or undocumented. We are all in this together -- regardless.

If you need help or are looking to provide help, please fill out this form so we can connect you with others.  For those who are in need, the information you provide will be shared with volunteers so they may contact you if they are able to help.  To maintain privacy, your name is not required to accept aid.  We only ask for minimal information regarding health conditions so we can keep our volunteers safe and prepared.

DISCLOSURE: The host of this document cannot guarantee that all requests for aid will be met but is simply a community member offering to collect and distribute information in a way that allows people to help each other.  Please be responsible when arranging to meet with folks you have not met.  The hosts accept no liability around these engagements.
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