EOF Working Group on the Transformation of Work, Workers and Social Supports ** Interest Form
Continuing to build out our exploration of the interconnecting spheres of the transformation of work, workers and social supports, EOF plans to launch a working group in 2019 to raise awareness of the substantive areas and funder strategies connected to policy, narrative and power.

The goals of the working group include:

1) Increased understanding of how funders are defining and engaging in work related to the transformation of work, workers and social supports, especially as these transformations impact low-income and communities of color.
2) Increased understanding of key funder strategies of policy development and dissemination, power, and narrative change.
3) Exploration of the opportunities funders have to work in aligned ways across substantive divides and within key strategies.

The working group will meet virtually 3-4 times between March and December 2019. To help support the conversation and exchange, EOF will create key readings and “cheat sheets” that summarize current bodies of work. In addition, we will explore the possibility of an in-person meeting in the fall of 2019.

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