ARTlab: Teacher and Project Proposals
The Frist Center for the Visual Arts seeks local and regional art professionals to develop ARTlabs. These innovative youth workshops provide rare in-studio opportunities for Nashvillians 18 and younger to learn collaborative techniques, leadership roles and processes from practicing artists. ARTlabs will also culminate in a final showcase of the teens artwork both in the community and possibly at the Frist Center after the workshop.

Preference will be given to projects that promote mutual respect and understanding bewteen people, engage youth and their peers, teachers and students, and people from differing neighborhoods or backgrounds.

Projects should help youth acquire experience in visual thinking, build problem-solving skills, leadership and expand their technical artistry in real-life studio environments.

ARTlab projects typically range from four-hour classes to two-day workshops at the Frist Center or various community centers around Davidson County.

JOB DESCRIPTION: In coordination with Frist Center educators, develop and lead a hands-on studio-based workshop for youth ages 11–18.

REQUIREMENTS: Must have a bachelor's degree. Extensive knowledge in your art medium. Three years of teaching experience. Must pass background check.

PAYMENT: $1,000


SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday, November 17 (11:59 p.m. Central Time)


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