Adoption Questionnaire
Please give as much detail as possible in your answers - this will help us to help you through the adoption process and ensure you and the animal are the right match for each other.

Please ensure you have read the adoption requirements for the animal you are interested in, and our care advice pages prior to completing this questionnaire - this will save us all time :)

Our general adoption policy can be found here:

*The rescue is run from our home in Sale, Manchester (M33 postcode). Visits are currently not permitted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
*Until further notice, all adoptions will be carried out adhering to social distancing guidelines. Handover will take place outside your home at a 2m distance.
*We run the rescue entirely voluntarily, alongside working full time day jobs, but try to respond to emails as quickly as we can. Adoptions can generally take place after 6pm on weekdays and most times on weekends - an appointment must be agreed with us and stuck to due to our time constraints
*Animals may be reserved for a maximum of 2 weeks to allow adopters to prepare for the adoption
*An adoption contract must be signed by the adopter at the point of adoption - this includes the agreement that the animal will be returned to us should the adopter no longer be able to care for them
*Adopters must be aged 18 or over (we are happy for minors to be involved in the care of animals adopted from us, but an adult must make the adoption application, and sign our adoption agreement to take full overall responsibility for the animals care)

Our adoption fees are as follows:

Hamsters/mice/gerbils/rats - £10 minimum donation (discounted for groups)
Neutered male mice - £20 minimum donation (Mice cost us £50 each to neuter). Discounts will be given for groups.
Single chinchilla (to be bonded with another chin) - £20 minimum donation
Single guinea pig (to be bonded with other pigs) - £20 minimum donation
Single neutered male guinea pig (to be bonded with other pigs) - £30 minimum donation
Bonded pair of guinea pigs - £35 minimum donation

Adoption fees will help towards the costs of caring for the animals at Tiny Paws MCR

If you have any questions about completing the form, please don't hesitate to contact us at
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Age *
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Animal(s) you are interested in adopting *
I confirm I have carefully read through the advice pages for the animal(s) I am interested in adopting: *
Please let us know about any other animals currently living in your household (include species, ages and sexes) *
Who will be responsible for the day to day care of the animal(s)? *
Are there any children in your household? If so, please provide their ages. *
What experience do you have of caring for rodents/small animals? *
Rodents are classed as 'exotic' animals and require specialist vet care, which many 'small animal' (i.e. cat & dog) vets are not equipped to provide. We therefore advise using a vet who specifies that they deal with 'exotics'. Which vet would you take your animal to if required? (Please be specific) *
What arrangements would you make for your animal if you were to go on holiday? *
Rodents may be small, but their care costs can be high, especially if they require veterinary care and we recommend having a savings fund or insurance for vet bills. Are you confident that you are able to cover any such costs? *
Are you confident that you, or anyone in your household, does not have any allergies that would prevent you from caring for the animal you are interested in adopting? (If your answer is no, we can arrange for you to spend some time with this type of animal prior to adopting to make sure) *
Please confirm your living situation *
Have you discussed your plans to adopt an animal(s) with all other members of your household (if any) and obtained their agreement? *
Do you already have the set-up you intend to keep the animal(s) in? *
What type of cage/enclosure/housing set-up do you intend to keep your animal in? This is where you demonstrate how you will meet our stated housing requirements for your chosen animal(s). PLEASE PROVIDE MEASUREMENTS. If you are thinking of purchasing a particular set-up, please provide us with a link. If you haven't yet decided and would like suitable suggestions, please let us know below. *
If you already have the set-up, please provide us with a photo of it with an A4 sheet of paper attached to the front, with your name and the date written on (as in the example photo). Please either email the photo to us at, or if you have already contacted us via facebook, via fb message is fine!
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Where will your animal's set-up be located? *
What will you feed your animal daily, and as treats? *
How often will you be able to provide out-of cage playtime for your chosen animal, and for how long? *
Which bedding will you use for your animal? *
Do you plan to breed from your potential adoption animal? *
Have you ever rehomed an animal? (By 'rehomed' we mean: surrendered an animal in your care to a rescue, sold, or given away an animal). If yes, please explain the situation. *
Do you have your own transport (or a lift) to travel to us, or would you require us to transport the animal(s) to you? *
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