Stonefish Volunteer Registration Form
Heyya prospective Stonefish volunteer!

This form is here to help you understand more about what you can expect on the Stonefish. Also, it's here so that we can understand more about you so we can organize volunteering and our time together better.

Volunteering at the Stonefish is a inspiring experience and we welcome everyone from all walks of life and backgrounds. All we ask is that you come with a passion.

Whilst you're with us, you'll live in a camp, eat well, work on a variety of projects and become part of a community of people who want to live happier, sustainable, stress free lives.

This is what we offer and what we expect.

We offer:
1) Nature, rosemary, sea-view, ancient hand-made walls
2) Tents, mattress, sleeping bags, hammocks for sleeping
3) Top-notch meals per day prepared for you by our chef
4) Advice for visiting the best places on Vis (hidden beaches, unexplored caves, secret military bases...)

We expect:
1) Open heart & can-do-it attitude
2) Five hours of work per day (building, cutting, cleaning, repairing, constructing...)
3) Respect towards nature, neighbors and the island
4) Small contribution towards food and drinks (few euros per meal)

Basics first
Hi! We are the Stonefish. The land is located on the hill overlooking the town of Vis, on the island of Vis, Croatia. We want to create something magical on top of the hill - sustainable, beautiful and fun. Tell us more about yourself!
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Did you have any volunteering experience so far? If yes, what was it?
Knowledge and Skills
This is to better understand your knowledge and skills so we can organize volunteering most effectively. We need a variety of skills. It is important to mention that volunteering includes mostly physical work - cutting the bush, creating compost, building wooden structures, planting vegetables, bringing supplies, helping in the kitchen...).
What are some useful skills that you have (or want to have)? *
If you, like most of us, worked in an office and are not a skilled carpenter - that's OK. But you probably know SOMETHING: cooking; playing guitar; managing electricity; lifting stones... Be honest please - it's better for everyone involved.
What is your professional background? *
Are you a carpenter, a cook, an astronomer, a medical doctor? We can probably use your skills anyway!
What kind of work do you prefer? *
Some people are into wall-building, while others are into wood-working. With this we will try to organize work in line with your preferences.
Availability preferences & logistics
We suggest your stay to be around 10 days. But we are open to other options as well.
I want to volunteer for: *
Your preferred date of arrival on Vis. *
Are you willing to work for around five hours per day? *
Are you coming with a car? *
Final details
Just fine tuning everything.
Do you understand that this is a camping experience? *
This is the beginning of the project and many of the conveniences of modern civilization that you are used to are simply not available. For example: there's very little water so showers and laundry services are rare. Toilets might not be built by the time you arrive so the stool and the shovel might be your only options. Also, since the terrain is still quite rough, good quality boots / hiking shoes are recommended.
Do you have any dietary preferences / allergies?
Do you have anything else we need to know about?
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