Davidson County Poll Observer Sign Up Form
We NEED poll observers to report any issues of voter intimidation, confrontation, long lines, or machines breaking. We will provide remote training and materials to prepare you for your shift(s). Counties and the state are also reviewed polling locations for proper ventilation, number of entrances, and social distancing and are ensuring adequate PPE (face coverings, hand sanitizer, single use pens/styluses) for poll workers, observers, and voters.

Thank you for signing up to be stewards of the democratic process! If you have any questions, please contact EMAIL here.
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Are you willing to help to any precinct in your county? *
Driving should only take 25-30 min max.
Early Voting is October 15-31, and Election Day is Nov 3. Which of these shifts work for you? *
We recommend people sign up for three shifts, if possible, or more! NOTE: Early Voting Hours are different. Please check the closest times for what works for you for those abridged hours.
Thurs, Oct. 15
Fri, Oct. 16
Sat, Oct. 17 (8am-6pm)
Mon, Oct. 19
Tues, Oct. 20
Wed, Oct. 21
Thurs, Oct. 22
Fri, Oct. 23
Sat, Oct. 24 (8am-6pm)
Mon, Oct. 26
Tues, Oct. 27
Wed, Oct. 28
Thurs, Oct. 29
Fri, Oct. 30
Sat, Oct. 31 (8am-3pm)
Election Day is November 3. Which shifts work for you? *
Great! Please join for a poll observer training here: https://www.mobilize.us/nc2020victoryvp/event/324208/
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