Child Safety Reporting Form 兒童安全通報表

School employees and volunteers are responsible to use this form to report any disclosures or other evidence of possible child abuse. Morrison’s Child Safety Officer will promptly respond to report. Please fill this form out with only the information that is known at the time the allegation is received, without interviewing the victim(s) or alleged offender(s).

學校教職員和義工有責任使用此表格通報任何確定或疑似兒童虐待之事件,馬禮遜學校的兒童保護人員將及時回覆此通報表。請注意: 僅填寫得知該事件發生當時所知的情況,請勿對疑似受虐者或疑似施虐者進行任何訪談。
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Alleged victim 疑似受虐者
姓名Name of Alleged Victim
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父親姓名Father’s Name
母親姓名Mother’s Name
Alleged Offender 疑似施虐者
Name of Alleged Offender 姓名
How the info was obtained or observed 如何得知或觀察到受虐資訊
Details of what was reported or suspected 案情陳述
Dates 發生時間 (YYYYMMDD):
Frequency 發生頻率:
Places 發生地點:
What happened (Quote exactly the spoken words as much as possible.) 案發經過 (儘可能記錄實際的對話):
Things done to protect the alleged victim(s) 對疑似受虐者已採取的保護措施
Person filing the report 通報人
Name of Person filing the report 姓名
Report Date 通報時間
Report Time 通報時間
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