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Crescendo Community Chorus welcomes students in grades 2-12. Each singer is asked to schedule a vocal assessment to determine proper placement in our choirs.

The vocal assessment process is simple. You will meet the Artistic Director and talk about your schooling and musical experience. You will listen to and be asked to repeat some rhythmic and musical phrases, sing a simple song (such as “Happy Birthday” or “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”) and answer a few questions about music. Please call Sharon Smith to schedule a time to meet with her: (509) 714-0555.

No musical experience is required to join Crescendo Community chorus!

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Creating a group of singers that reflects the diversity of our communities is a priority. In addition, some of our funders require the racial/ethnic and economic composition of our ensembles to be documented. Providing the following information will help us meet our diversity goals and help us continue to receive funding in the future.
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Please select the program for which you think your child best fits. We will make changes as needed after the vocal assessment. You can read more about our choirs at
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