NPC Event Registration for Tales from the Cotting House
Please submit this form to let us know that you are coming to NPC the next for Tales from the Cotting House event.

NEXT (WEEKEND) EVENT: October 19-21, 2018, at Eagle Pass Camp in Wales, MA. The campsite has AC, and we provide meals, snacks, and drinks to our NPCs, in addition to fun roles!

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If you aren't attending the entire event, please let us know when you'll be there. For one-day events, please let us know if you will be there all event or only part of it (and which part).
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Are you part of our Permanent NPC Staff, or do you wish to join?
As a Permanent NPC, you commit to at least 3 out of 4 weekend events per year, and are automatically preregistered for each event - you only need to notify us if you aren't able to attend. Among the benefits include a recurring "Townie" role that you help develop with your own minor plotline and first preference for recurring cast roles.
Did a PC refer you to us to NPC? If so, please let us know who so they receive their Referral CP!
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Any food allergies, restrictions, etc. we should be aware of?
If you already gave us this info on the NPC Survey, you don't need to do so again, unless you want to make sure we don't forget. REMEMBER, WE FEED YOU!!! :)
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This can be anything you think we should know! Or if you desire a particular type of casting this event (lots of fighting, lots of rp, a mix), please let us know. Likewise, if you don't want to be scheduled for certain hours, please tell us! [If you already filled out the NPC Survey, we have this info, though you're welcome to give it to us again if you'd like!]
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