2024 Rochester Century Travel Release Form
By filling out the information below you, the parent, certify that you personally have filled this form out, you personally acknowledge and give permission to your athlete to not ride the bus but drive with you (or an adult) instead, and finally that you personally recognize failure to use the travel release form how it was intended and filled out may have consequences involving your athletes participation. 

One form per meet must be filled out. This is NOT one form for the whole year. 
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Name of the person transporting your athlete (first and last, must be over 18 and not an athlete) *
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What is the reason that your athlete needs to get a ride and not take the bus? (all athletes are required to ride the bus unless a reason is provided that they shouldn't) *
By signing (typing) my name here, I certify the information above is correct and my athlete's transportation will be what I have filled out within this form.  *
Please fill out a phone number contact in case of emergency  *
Please fill out an email contact in case we (the coaches) have concerns about the accuracy of this form.
I understand that the ROCHESTER PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC/ACTIVITIES RULES require that students ride the buses to and from all athletic/activities events and a departure from this requirement will release the ROCHESTER SCHOOL DISTRICT from liability for any adverse results that may occur. Type your name to sign. *
I AGREE TO RELEASE THE ROCHESTER SCHOOL DISTRICT and its employees and officers from liability with reference to the above stated transportation. Type your name to sign.  *
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