WOPD Security Camera Registration
The West Orange Police Department recognizes that more and more homes are utilizing security cameras on their property. The footage that these cameras gather could be an instrumental piece of evidence that could assist officers in identifying suspects, vehicles, and the times when crimes are being committed. While the cameras may not be in the exact location of the crime, it can still provide details that, without which, no leads could be developed.

We invite all of you to register your security cameras below. In the event of an incident taking place in your neighborhood, one of our officers will reach out to you for assistance.

Please complete and submit the below form to register your residential security camera. Please let us know how many cameras you have. Registration is voluntary and does not give the West Orange Police Department access to your camera system without your knowledge or consent.

If you have any questions contact Sgt. Patrick Matullo at pmatullo@wopd.org or call 973-325-4045/4038
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