Interconnectivity Gold Coast - A story of the people, places and the nature of our city.

The following survey will assist Gold Coast artist Guy Cooper to create an immersive audio/visual experience for the Gold Coast. Your answers can be as short as you like, single word responses are fine, I really appreciate your time and input :)

Please note: No personal data or IP addresses are stored or collected from this survey. Your responses are 100% anonymous.

From the artist,
"I would love to explore the interconnectivity of the people, places and nature that make up the Gold Coast. From the macro to the medium and wide, a story of connectivity between what binds us as a city is waiting to be explored. The true heart of the Gold Coast may be in how we are connected, patterns and vibrations are found in our natural surroundings, man-made structures and in the daily lives of our people. Exploring the connection between these can bring a deeper awareness of how the Gold Coast feels. Utilising dynamic cinematography and contemporary music arrangement and production, it is my goal to create an audio and visual experience that explores the interconnectivity and tells a story of the Gold Coast."
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