ESA - National Economic Panel - 2017 - poll question submission
The Economic Society of Australia (ESA) has assembled from across the country a panel of distinguished Australian economists with a wide range of expertise (

We are polling the panel regularly to get their opinions on economic and other policy issues of the day and to gauge the extent to which they agree or disagree with particular propositions.

The polls are published on the ESA-Monash Forum website (

We are continually seeking propositions to test with the panel and would welcome your ideas.

Submit your idea below.

Thank you.

ESA-Monash Forum

Some examples:
* "Negative gearing is making housing in Australia's major cities less affordable for first-home buyers." * "Ride share services (e.g. Uber and Lyft) increase consumer welfare and should not face any restrictions on prices and routes provided they meet minimum safety and insurance requirements." * "Australia would be better off if we abolished State Governments." * "Australia's economy is not big enough to sustain an 18-team AFL competition."

SUBMIT QUESTION: "Do the panellists agree or disagree with the following statement...
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