Expression of Interest - Security in public spaces
Inhabitants of cities face a number of threats which may impact their personal security. According to recent statistics, the areas below represent the most significant security challenges, which might occur in public spaces. In the 2016 Eurobarometer, public opinion identified terrorism as one of the major challenges Europe faces. As evidenced by the public opinion and statistical findings, there is a gap between the perception of security and the reported crimes.
- Violence against women: In the EU-28, 18 % of women have experienced stalking since the age of 15. One in 20 women (5 %) has been raped since the age of 15.
- Sexual violence : In 2015, the police recorded 134 592 sexual violence offenses in the EU.
Intentional homicide : In 2015, the police recorded 4 528 intentional homicide offenses in the EU.
- Kidnapping: In 2015, the police recorded 14 886 kidnapping offences.
- Theft : In 2015, the police recorded 7 542 702 theft offenses in the EU.
- Terrorism: In 2016, a total of 142 failed, foiled and completed attacks were reported by EU Member States, with 142 victims, and 379 were injured.
In the scope of the Urban Innovative Actions, the European Commission would like to better understand the needs and approaches of urban authorities to security in public spaces. Based on the outcomes of this survey, the future calls of the Urban Innovative Actions may address security challenges in public spaces.
The fight against terrorism, organised crime and cybercrime are not among the thematic objectives set out in the Cohesion Policy Regulations. Nevertheless, investments which contribute to the economic, social and territorial cohesion of the Union may include measures addressing security challenges.
Please answer the questions below and let us know your views.
Q1. In your city, do you have evidence that the following areas represent a challenge? You may select more than one option.
Q2. In the last 10 years, in which of the areas identified under question 1 have you tackled public security issues? You may select more than one option.
Q3. Please indicate the measures in which you have invested to address the public security issues identified under question 2.
If you have ticked the answer 'infrastructure' above, please specify:
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Q4. Are there any other needs related to security in public space that your city was unable to respond to and if yes, which one(s)?
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Q5. Please provide concrete examples of actions in your city which sought to prevent crime (ie: public lighting, extension of the public transport system running throughout the city all night, etc.).
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Q6. Please provide concrete examples of actions in your city which sought to respond to crime incidents (ie: capacity building of police officers, shelters for victims, etc).
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Q7. With reference to the challenges you identified under question 1, which are the most pressing issues and themes (based on evidence) that your city could address through innovative solutions? Please explain.
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Q8. How could you implement an innovative solution through a place based integrated approach?
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